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moffit|love : Sekra


Name: Sekra

Country/State: Australia

Your birthday: March 10th

Favorite color: Black, Red, Gray

Favorite all-time song/band: Korn, Marilyn Manson, Tool

Favorite Restaurant: Chinese

Favorite anime/cartoon: Gundam Wing, Berserk, Lain

Favorite Fic: Asuka's 'Garou', Akuma's 'Cross My Heart', and Amanda 02's 'Scar Tissue'.

How does getting feedback make you feel: I love it. Makes me feel like I'm walking on Cloud 9...

Anything you want to add/shout-outs: Um... I don't think so. 'Cept I'm the Mambe pixie leader! Queen of the cha cha cha fairies!

Aishiteru Deathfic (suicide), angst, Heero POV

Alone Language, angst, minor self-mutilation, POV, TWT, author's random acts of insanity

Conversations of Snow Shounen ai, angst, sap, language, me eating peanuts (Yes, this is a warning. Because if I choke you're going to have to save my ass)

Deep Inside Shounen ai, Duo POV, angst, sap.

Fading Thoughts DEATH FIC!! - suicide, shounen ai, erm.... like, one naughty word, I think that's it.