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Name: Presser

Country/State: Somewhere east of Eden, in the state of confusion

Your birthday: Old as the dust of the earth, young as the dew on this morning's blossoms

Favorite color: Life

Favorite all-time song/band: Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations

Favorite Restaurant: the local coffeehouse at the corner, where I'm found several days a week with scones and decaf

Favorite anime/cartoon: Gundam Wing, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, classic Warner stuff from the 40's (American animation largely went to hell after 1951)

Favorite Fic: "Cherished" by Caroline, "In the Company of Friends" by Keara and "A Good Catholic Boy" by Lonewolf.

How does getting feedback make you feel: MAH-velous, DAHling!

Anything you want to add/shout-outs: The GW fandom saved my life; literally. Gotta write that up in a fic someday....

Head Tripped Duo can't get enough sleep, and the other pilots are getting worried. Suspense/Thriller Lemon

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A New Dawn Written for the Moments of Rapture fic-on-a-pic contest. The pic was H'n'D on the beach, staring at a mottled sky. In this fic, Duo has approached Heero, and thinks he's been rebuffed. It crushes him, and...


Duo is driven to the brink of suicide when Heero leaves him suddenly. The ending is good, though - no one dies.

And All that Jazz Heero Yuy is a jazz pianist who's had his eye on Duo Maxwell. Duo has a crush on Heero; their friends, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei help them get together - with a lot of side action going on!

Pages: A Room Upstairs First Verse Table Manners Boys Interrupted Peek-a-boo, I See You! Coda

Fight For Me A very fragile Trowa finds Duo's concern for him hard to accept. This is easy to see as an AU fic, but I believe that Trowa's fragileness is in keeping with canon info.

Truth O'er Beauty Duo's flashy exterior is speared by Heero's honesty. Club setting, but the club environment plays a very minor role in the fic.

A Little Show for Heero Heero's always fantasized about Duo performing for him. He gets his wish.

Don't Touch Me ncs

One Sick Puppy Very, very sick and demented fic! Doggy sex; it's consentual, tho.

Two Sick Puppies Sequel to "One Sick Puppy." Dr. Chang tries his multiple male orgasm serum on human subjects, and is delighted with the results.

Last Rites Heero and Duo are badly hurt during the war, and share their last moments together.

A Very Good Thing Duo is a member of a Yaoi ML and while on surfing the list he makes a new friend.

Thank You, Heero Duo is hurt, Heero takes care of him, Duo feels safe with Heero. Just a moment frozen in time, really.

Finders Keepers Duo meets a mysterious man at the county fair, andů

One More Time Just what is it that Quatre is teaching Duo?

No Matter Where You Go AU, angst 1+2

Send In The Clones Fantasy fic, with no basis in reality whatsoever; fluff, some sap, mostly humorous.

Sand Dollar A sweet beach fic with a sappy ending.

Hot Buttered Popcorn AU, PWP, graphic sex in the context of true love (really!)

Those Eyes Duo is haunted by dreams of a boy, and pursues him when he finds him in real life.

Shower Power Heero has a suprise for Duo.

'Choo! Five hot gay boys take a snow day...(use your imagination. No, wait! Read this fic instead!)