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As I'm unlikely to get around to the actual hosting, consider this a list of works worth reading.

Name? - CleverYoungThief

Country/State? - Alabama, US of A, baby! Don't worry, we don't bite. We'll just drag you behind a pickup truck. *smirk*

Your birthday? - August 3rd. (I'm a Leo...*hee*)

Favorite color? - I had to look in my closet of clothes to figure this out, and I guess my favorite color is red, since most of my shirts *blush* But I don't know why it's my favorite color. Attention-getting, I guess. My Leo nature again. ^_~

Favorite all-time song/band? - This changes all the time, but for now, it's The Ataris. Cool sound, awesome lyrics! I like Evanescence, too.

Favorite Restaurant? - Arby's.

Favorite anime/cartoon? - Are you kidding me? Ummm.... surprisingly, not Gundam Wing. (mainly because it's been off the air for so long). I like Cowboy Bebop best, I think. But I like Inuyasha and Trigun, too. (Basically anything I can watch on CN with the least amount of trouble.)

Favorite Fic? - Uuuuh...don't have one. Also known as I stand on the fifth, as the answer to this question may incriminate me. As for a favorite *genre* of fics, I'm an angst-queen myself. ^_^ Heero-torture. And anything Heero-centric, actually. Also L2 stuff.

How does getting feedback make you feel? - Like doing backflips and cartwheels!!! (Well, if it's good feedback. If it's bad feedback, I usually take it out on nearby people in RL before drowning my ineptitude in tequila. Please don't subject my friends to this! *cries*)

Anything you want to add/shout-outs? - Hi Mom? Mmm...A Piece Of General Advice: Don't go to bed early. You can sleep when you're dead. And in college, always pick morning classes you can skip. ^_^

Heero and Duo have been captured by Oz soldiers. WIll they be able to escape for long?
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Heero's been taken away after the war, but why isn't he fighting?
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Endless Summer
The "God of Death" vs. "Heartless". Who will win the Billabong Pro?
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Indecent Proposal
Relena tracks down Heero 5 years after Endless Waltz.

Battle of the Breakfast Casserole
Alright, who started it!?

Battle of the Burritos
Sequel to "Battle of the Breakfast Casserole".

Video Game Junkies (1x2)
Heero hears strange noises coming from the dorm room he is sharing with Duo....what is Shinigami doing!? Unbeknownst to Heero, Duo is a video game addict...and the Wing pilot is about to be sucked in...

White Band Prayer
A dark POV piece through the eyes of a young White Fang rebel from L2. Written for Elemental's "Through Different Eyes" Fanfiction Contest. (dark, death, angst)

Wolves Don't Wear Collars (R+1, 1+?)
A serious, deeply introspective POV piece from Relena's perspective. There is often a blurred line between love...and hate.

You Think You're A Man (Song-fic, 1x2)
Duo sets down an ultimatum for Heero. Say those three little words...or don't come back until you do.
Pages: 1 2 3

The Yaoi Bunch (Song-ficlet)
Mostly a humorous little way to address the great Yaoi Debate: Should Heero be with Relena, with Duo, or should the dude give celibacy its fair shot? This is my take. ^_^ Best read when humming the theme to "The Brady Bunch"

Superman (Song-ficlet)
Bet you can't guess who this song-ficlet is about...rated PG because I associate the G rating with Disney flicks...and a Disney flick this ain't...

The Assignment (Calvin and Hobbes parody)
One-line fic challenge from someone, but I can't remember who. *blush* Anyway, yeah...Duo's got homework, but no one seems willing to help....

Life And Death In Africa (3x4, 1+2, 2+3 friendship)
The Wars are over, and there is peace in the colonies once again. But one of the former Gundam pilots is still suffering in silence. Trowa Barton is hiding a dark that could take his life.
Pages: 1 2 3 4

"Army Of One" Arc
A multichapter fic somewhat following the series, but completely from Heero's POV. Ever been confused about what he's really thinking during the show? Or thought they left something out? Read this. Shounen ai & 1x2x1 abound!
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Green-eyed Ghost: On the Right Side Of The Line
Duo is trapped in an OZ base when he encounters an OZ soldier who used to be his friend. But are they still on the same side of the line?

Fear Of Flying (Songfic)
"Takeoffs and Landings" by The Ataris (shounen ai, Heero and Duo) On this coldest of January nights, we'll drive out past the runway, and watch the planes go flying by...

Cruelest Dream: Reality
(POV piece, slightly AU) Heero reflects on the first time he ever took a human life; not for the faint of heart.

"In Their Own Words" Series
We're still knocking brain cells together for this summary. Just read it! ;)
Pages: Duo Heero Quatre

"How To Speak..." Series

Ah, the instruction manual that started it all. Also known as "The Dictionary of Grunts". Take some time and get to know what Heero Yuy is *really* saying to Relena...or Duo, for that matter.

Also known as "The Dictionary of Inane Babble." You would think this instruction manual would be unnecessary, but alas, even Duo says things that are different than what he means. Read on...

Also known liberally as "The Dictionary of Awkward Silences" See what Mute-boy is really trying to say... "..."

Also known as "The Dictionary of Innocuous Phrases That Quatre Doesn’t Really Mean Because He’s Evil" <---- (title under construction.) Quatre’s quotes are always so gentle and innocent... nobody can be that freakin' nice. Find out what he really means...

Also known as "Wufei’s Handguide for Dummies (aka Men)" Give it up, Wuffers. We all know you’re a feminist, little-boy marshmallow under the justicey exterior. And here’s the evidence to prove it!

angst, shounen ai, yaoi, 1+/x2

Hunt The Hunter
(sequel to Imperfection) Duo has found out how Heero feels towards him, and he intends to use that knowledge to the upmost advantage. The only question is...who is hunting who?

Fire in the Sky
Gundam Wing Addiction's Angst contest entry. :)

Arabian Nights
Language, shounen ai, yaoi, angst, sap, fluff, 1+/x2

Please Don't Let Me Fall
Language, shounen ai, yaoi, angst, sap, fluff, 1+/x2

The Unforgiven
Death, angst, gore

Me and My Shadow
Language, yaoi, shounen ai, gore, death, angst, skewed religious themes..

Yaoi, shounen ai, gore, language, death, schizophrenia(?)

Dragon in the Closet
What happens when Wufei is trapped in a closet?

You Know You've Watched Too Much Gundam Wing If...
Pretty much speaks for itself...

Gundam Wing's Greatest Hits

Heero's Story

It's a Hard Knock Life

Last Resort

Only Butterflies

Requiem For The Sinners

Shinigami's Claim

Soldiers of the Far-Between


An Unexpected Gift

Things That Go Thump in the Night